Bill Belichick Crossed The Line When He Muttered ‘Jesus Christ’ To Blooperman Writer Dave Brown

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is a big, ol’ dirty cheater as well as a world-class jackass and bully with the sports media, which is a skill he showed off again this week when he muttered the “Jesus Christ” heard round the world when a reporter dared question him about Saint Tom Brady’s job security after Brady, who is old, returns from his four-game suspension for also cheating. Well, we know that reporter, Mr. Belichick, and you’ve crossed the line by messing with a member of the Blooperman family.

Dave Brown can be heard off camera asking the offending question for the Concord (N.H.) Monitor, and while this little dustup with a guy who, despite knowing he’ll be on national television, dresses like that dad at the Y who only does bench press and curls, has added to Dave’s notoriety, we like to think we made him famous by publishing his excellent pieces on Muhammad Ali, Prince, Michael Jackson, Ludacris, racist chatbots, the Cleveland Browns, and, yes, Tom Brady. Or, perhaps, we’d like to think his new-found fame will make us famous. Whatever. Let’s stop splitting hairs.

New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick crossed the line when he muttered "Jesus Christ" to Blooperman writer Dave Brown,

First I’m going to whale on my pecs and then do my back. Credit: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Remarkably, however, this perfectly legitimate line of inquiry resulted in members of the press, local and national alike, almost immediately turning on one of their own for being a journalist instead, apparently, of a Belichick ego-soother. This case of Stockholm Syndrome from a group beaten down so mercilessly by Belichick’s dickiness is perhaps understandable to some degree, but Dave was the one doing his job. Maybe that will inspire at least a couple of football writers to get a little therapy so they can remember how to do theirs.

Here is Dave’s story on the Patriots’ quarterback situation and, specifically, Brady’s unprecedented protection from having to earn his place on the field, as well as Dave’s eloquent response to the avalanche of criticism and attention he’s received. Give them a read, and join us in hoping Tom Brady, who in addition to being an old cheater can’t tackle, is faced with another one of these in Week 5:

Tom Brady can't tackle.