Blooperman Podcast Episode 11: Why The NBA Playoffs Gotta Be So Long?

Oh, That's Right - Money!

In this episode of the Blooperman Podcast, we try to see the end of the NBA playoffs and can’t. That’s because they go on forever and ever and ever and ever with an endless stream of Game 7 series with foregone conclusions and scheduling that makes no sense outside of one key factor: TV.

Is that a good thing? Would the league better off with five-game series in the first round like baseball, or does that devalue the regular season (just in case 82 freaking games isn’t devaluation enough). Also, we talk HB2 and college basketball recruiting. Kentucky has the top-ranked class, again, with five five-star recruits.

What is it about the middle of nowhere that is so darn appealing to elite hoops players? Not to give anything away, but our theory is it has a lot to do with pre-med programs. Listen to find out.