Blooperman Podcast Episode 14: We Talk Cyborgs, Transhumans, Synthesizers, Sleep Concerts – AKA Moogfest – With Josh Segal

In this edition of the Blooperman Podcast, we get the lowdown on Moogfest from Josh Segal, who had the misfortune of being in the Moogfest office down the hall when we went in to ask if anyone would like to be on a Blooperman podcast. Fortunately, Josh is very bright, articulate, knowledgeable and so enthusiastic about Moogfest his father is flying down from New York City to see Explosions in the Sky’s 1 a.m. Sunday morning show. As if we needed any more evidence we’re not cool enough for Moogfest despite our cool playlist.

But Josh breaks the intimidating program schedule into bite-sized pieces, and after 30 minutes listening to him we think we’re ready to learn something AND drink beer at a festival. Click above to join us in getting your anticipation on.