Blooperman Podcast Episode 15: Baseball Brawls, Memphis Grizzlies And Bold Playoff Predictions

Assuming picking the Warriors to advance and baseball to do nothing is bold

Baseball is all about playing the game the right way, and if you don’t your transgression will be enforced through unwritten rules. To the Texas Rangers, this apparently means making a ton of choking errors to cost yourselves a playoff series before trying to murder Jose Bautista three times for hitting a home run against you six months ago. In this edition of the Blooperman Podcast, we bring on special guest and Memphis Grizzlies homer Dave Adams as we discuss The Punch Seen Round The Internet, the Grizzlies’ instability and the NBA semifinals.

Does baseball have a retaliation problem? Does it have a whiny baby problem? Are the Thunder a real threat to the Warriors? Will the Cavaliers make it three sweeps in a row? There’s only one way to find out!