Blooperman Podcast Episode 19: Our Greatest Podcast Ever

And not just because of special guest and professional Belichick agitator Dave Brown

Welcome to this edition of the Blooperman Podcast, otherwise known as The Greatest Blooperman Podcast Ever. There were so many juicy topics, we were forced to bring in special guest Dave Brown, New England Patriots beat writer for the Concord (N.H.) Monitor, Blooperman contributor, and the journalist responsible for the Jesus Christ heard round the world, to help us tackle them. We had:

  • The NCAA laying the hammer to the knuckle-dragging cavemen running North Carolina into the ground
  • Colin Kaepernick and his sinister ploy to destroy the United States by not standing for the national anthem when it’s played at its most solemn time: Right before the quarterback of a football team suffers potentially permanent brain damage from blows to the head for our amusement.
  • Speaking of, Cam Newton was bludgeoned repeatedly to the skull, earning one penalty from the Broncos defense. Does the NFL really care about player safety? The answer seems obvious.
  • Hilary Clinton got sick and fainted, which becomes yet another reason she’s not as fit to lead the nation as an ignorant, racist, lying game show host – who understandably pulled ahead of her in the polls shortly thereafter.
  • Dave’s account of the question that got under Bill Belichick’s skin so.
  • And, most importantly, our Blooperman fantasy football leagues. Yes, leagues, and not on purpose.

Seriously, it’s the greatest. Don’t miss out.