Blooperman Podcast Episode 2: Panthers! Broncos! Super Bowl!

We tell you so much, you won't even have to watch

Well, so much for no respect – now the Carolina Panthers are one win away from being the greatest team of all time according to Eric Adelson of Yahoo Sports, and the Denver Broncos have no chance against one of the greatest juggernauts in the history of mankind.

We’re not ready to go that far, though it is hard to believe this offense consisting of Cam Newton and the Misfits scored more points than the ’84 49ers and only 26 fewer than The Greatest Show on Turf in ’99. If the Panthers put up another drubbing against the league’s top-rated defense, though, we’re totally ready to elbow our way onto the bandwagon.

In this episode of the Blooperman Podcast we sort of get why some taxpayers in San Francisco aren’t thrilled a few million of their bucks are going to host a Super Bowl being played in another city an hour away. We discuss whether Peyton Manning will emerge from what likely is his final game with all four appendages still attached to his torso. And, most importantly, we eliminate your need to watch on Sunday by telling you who’s going to come out on top while giving you sure-fire winning prop bets, such as how many times Jim Nantz and Phil Simms say “dab” and which song Coldplay will use to kick off the halftime show (keep your fingers crossed it’s a cover of somebody else’s, or at least this one).

Oh. And Cam Newton. Holy crap. Did we only say that once?