Blooperman Podcast, Episode 24: We Didn’t Realize What An Amazing Sports Year 2016 Really Was

Which is good, because the rest of it was a steaming pile of terrible

The best part about 2016? This godforsaken year from the depths of hell is almost over. But while recording this episode of the Blooperman¬†Podcast, we realized things weren’t all bad. In fact, in coming up with a roundup of our list of the top 10 sports stories of the past 12 months, we realized things may never have been better in that arena.

The Golden State Warriors. The NBA Finals. Clemson-Alabama. Villanova-North Carolina. The Super Bowl. Oh, and the World Series. And Usain Bolt. Michael Phelps. Simon Biles. There were truly a remarkable number of compelling and memorable events, any one of which could easily have been No. 1 most other years.¬†That’s why Drew settling on David Ortiz’s retirement is especially hard to explain.

Just kidding, though he does think Big Papi calling it quits is a little too big of a deal. Listen above to find out what we concluded was No. 1, and happy holidays. Sports can’t possibly be this great again next year, but if that means all the rest won’t suck as much we’ll take it.