Blooperman Podcast, Episode 25: Clemson-Alabama – How Great Was That?

Plus, NFL playoff picks and is it Florida State's ACC now in college hoops?

The NFL playoffs opened with 16 hours of insomnia-curing drudgery. The College Football Playoff followed with perhaps the best game in the sport’s history – considering the stage – and forced us all the ask the question again: Why the hell do people like the NFL more than college football?

Drew, Mike and Ron discuss the Tigers’ titanic upset of the Tide, Deshaun Watson’s heroic performance and NFL prospects and our picks for NFL semifinal weekend (hint: Not the Texans). Then we explore ACC basketball. Can the league actually crack double digits in NCAA tournament seeds? Is Florida State now the team to beat, or are the Seminoles’ just another incarnation of Leonard Hamilton’s annual collection of NBA talent that can’t get it done?

Always, there’s only one way to find out!