Blooperman Podcast, Episode 26: The L.A. … Chargers? And, Boy, Did NBA Players Embarrass Themselves

Plus, can the Patriots possibly lose?

In this edition of the Blooperman Podcast, we delve into the NFL worming its way back to Los Angeles, finally, with not one but two teams. Franchises moving. What’s up with that? And why didn’t somebody tell the Chargers L.A. fans hate them?

Plus, we put 30 minutes of hard thought into picking our early All-NBA teams, or approximately 30 minutes more than many NBA players did when filling out their all-star starter ballots, and go ahead and award the Vince Lombardi Trophy to the Patriots before allowing Mike to revel in the highlight of his sports year: N.C. State’s upset of reeling Duke. Also, Drew ambushes us with live questions we didn’t research or even discuss beforehand. You don’t want to miss it.