Blooperman Podcast, Episode 29: Gottfried Got Fired, UVA Got Exposed, And We Hand Out Our ACC Hoops Individual Awards

Four NCAA tournaments, including a pair of Sweet 16s, in less than six seasons got Mark Gottfried fired by North Carolina State last week. Well – not exactly. Actually, four NCAA tournaments, including a pair of Sweet 16s, weren’t enough to overcome a trainwreck in 2016-17 in which the Wolfpack have made losing by 25 as routine as their players leaving early to¬†not get drafted by the NBA. In this edition of the Blooperman Podcast, we let Mike work through his emotions as he tries to explain the reasoning of Wolfpack nation.

Are State fans delusional, or did Gottfried and his 325th-ranked defense have to go (hint: A little of both). Also, Ron tries to convince the world that Virginia’s players suck and Tony Bennett needs to start recruiting, and we hand out our ACC Player of the Year, Coach of the Year, Most Improved Player and Most Disappointing Player awards (hint: Grayson Allens wins everything).

Who do you think should be the Player of the Year? Let us know here, and happy listening.