Blooperman Podcast Episode 3: Did we seriously talk about Cam Newton again and not say Steph Curry’s name?

The only way to know for sure is to listen

People hate Cam Newton in large part because he gets so much attention. We agree, which is why we devote a great deal of this Blooperman Podcast to the Carolina Panthers’ pouty post-Super Bowl performance and his fumble-avoiding, completely ineffective in-game performance. Why won’t people stop talking about him?!?!?

But wait! There’s more! Will the Panthers get back to the Super Bowl? Is the NFL dying? Will the Golden State Warriors break the record for NBA wins set by Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls? Can three people discuss the best team in the league at length while not mentioning the best player in said league who plays for that very same team?

How does Duke keep dominating North Carolina? Is it because Tar Heel coach Roy Williams keeps doing things like not calling a timeout to set up a final play before apologizing for not calling timeout and then insisting if he had it to do over he wouldn’t call timeout again? (Here’s a hint: Maybe).

Wait, three people? Who is Mike Adams?