Blooperman Podcast Episode 4: It’s time for the Oscars, so of course we don’t talk about Cam Newton

Or any other black people, because it's time for the Oscars

No means no!

No means no!

The Oscars are tomorrow night, and out of respect for the Academy’s long, proud history we don’t talk about Cam Newton in this edition of the Blooperman Podcast. In fact, we won’t be talking about any black people at all. Because, you know, the Oscars.

Kidding, kidding – except for the Cam Newton part. Finally, even we couldn’t figure out how to bring the Carolina Panthers’ dabbin’ Superman into a conversation. In fact, we punt sports altogether so we can preview the 88th installment of the Academy Awards with special guest Edwin Arnaudin, movie critic at the Asheville (N.C.) Citizen-Times.

Edwin has seen the all – literally – so he tells us who should win, who will win, and why you never can understand how the Transformers franchise doesn’t get the critical recognition it so richly deserves. Will Leo grunting and not dying in literally impossible fashion for two hours be enough to capture his first best actor award? Will The Revenant, despite being the most poorly reviewed of the eight nominees and turning a compelling real-life event into dumbed-down revenge porn, give director Alejandro González Iñárritu his second consecutive undeserving best-picture nod?

OK, it’s possible we were disappointed with The Revenant. Edwin doesn’t agree, and to be honest things devolved pretty quickly into a civilized, intelligent exchange of ideas. Prepare to beef up your Netflix queue.