Blooperman Podcast Episode 6: UNC, Virginia Roll Into NCAA Tourney, Promptly Get Hosed By Committee. And We Totally Called Little Rock

ACC's Heavyweights Set Up To Fail While Red Carpet Laid Out For Oregon To Reach Final Four

You’ve probably been complaining about the decisions the NCAA Tournament selection committee made (not to mention the ice-pick-in-eyeballs selection show), but there’s a chance you haven’t been complaining right. So we’re here for you. This week on the Blooperman Podcast, Ron, Mike and Drew explain all the ways the committee screwed up, from overlooking the likes of St. Mary’s and Monmouth for the usual bland bowl of average major conference gruel to giving Oregon a stupid No. 1 seed and making life tough for┬áNorth Carolina and Virginia.

Oh, and┬áby the way – Ron picked Little Rock to beat Purdue and points out Yale was statistically the most likely to beat Baylor out of the 12-5 matchups. That’s just the tip of the knowledge iceberg to be found below. Don’t miss it.