Chinese hurdler blasts through every hurdle chest first

Chinese "hurdler"

A quick scan of the first page a Google search for “Chinese hurdler runs through hurdles” doesn’t identify this young man nor the location of this race at the Chinese University Games. That’s probably because the Chinese government has erased every trace of this humiliating event from the Internet. No matter. The most spectacular race in history will live forever nonetheless.

So many questions. Why is someone with a 26-inch inseam competing in the 110-meter high hurdles? More pressingly, why did he never check to see if he could actually jump over a high hurdle before entering a race? That turned out to be important. Because he couldn’t. Not one.

Still, where most of us would have quit after falling over our first two hurdles, he made a bold, executive decision to soldier on, gloriously blasting through the next five before falling directly onto the eighth – in the lane to his left. Again, a lesser man would have called it a race, but not this fella. This fella got up and ran through two more – in the wrong lane – before cruising home in sixth place, a trail of mangled metal, wood and dignity in his wake.

That put the officials in a tough spot, but assuming they weren’t from the ACC he was most likely disqualified because it’s against the rules to knowingly knock hurdles over. Oh, and you’re supposed to stay in your lane. That too.

Bring on the high jump!