Blooperman Podcast Ep. 35 – NBA Playoffs? NBA Playoffs!

NBA Playoffs? NBA Playoffs! Can LeBron flip the switch or are we in for an early round upset?  Could James Harden survive the force of nature that is Westbrook and shoot down the Spurs?  The NBA renaissance is fully upon us and Drew and Mike will break down the 2017 match-ups (assuming Drew can figure out exactly whose playing).  Listen as Drew tries to explain how Steph Curry is worse this year (he isn’t) and Mike throws Tyler Zeller a shout out.  Oh, and find out who the most interesting player in the NBA is right now.
We also breakdown the MVP debate (find out how Justin Jackson relates) and review the ACC players you can root for (or against) as the playoffs go on. I mean who doesn’t like to root against Chris Paul.  Oh… JJ Redick I guess.