Grimes Turns Fallon’s Stage Into The Prom You Wish You’d Had With Thumping ‘Flesh Without Blood’ Performance

Good luck putting a label on Grimes, the Canadian singer/songwriter/musician/producer who made an Indie-music splash with her 2010 album Visions before producing something closer to a rogue wave with 2015’s Art Angels, which crashed the top 10 of nearly every year-end list. Pop? Rock? Electronica? Hip-hop? Try all of the above, in a way nobody has heard or seen before. Almost certainly, Wednesday on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon more nobodies than ever got their first taste of the petite Canadian, and she delivered a sensory buffet of dreamy neon, thumping dance beats and her signature high-pitch singing that belies the darkness of the lyrics in “Flesh Without Blood.”

Dressed in a ball gown with an electric guitar strapped over her neck (even in a world where female artists change their image constantly, Grimes stands out for you never having any idea what she’s going to look like), Grimes amped up the the techno elements of the live performance while dialing down the power guitar cords that drive the studio track, and coupled with the psychedelic lighting it was probably a good taste of what fans can expect in Durham, N.C., on May 20 when Grimes takes one-day break from a mini-tour with Florence and the Machine to stop in for the electronic music festival Moogfest. Watch it below, and listen to Blooperman’s Moogfest preview playlist – featuring a heavy dose of, you guessed it, Grimes, here.

And the album version, where some blood does seem to have been in that flesh: