Here’s how Carolina gets into the College Football Playoff

Beating Clemson is the easy part

BCS-logoTonight, the North Carolina Tar Heels will play the biggest football game in their history. Hell, it could be the biggest football game between ACC teams in history. The 2013  showdown between No. 4 Clemson and No. 5 Florida State holds the mantle, but considering the guaranteed stakes involved tonight in Charlotte, N.C. – No. 1 Clemson gets a shot at a national championship with a win while No. 10 UNC would create national chaos and earn its first-ever chance at a national championship with an upset – this one is about to top the list.

At the very least, this is the most important ACC championship game of all time. It’s a low bar considering the series of nightmare matchups and subsequently terrible attendance that have plagued the league since the championship’s inception in 2005 (three straight years of various combinations of Boston College, Virginia Tech and Wake Forest – in Florida – will result in tarps on the upper deck).

But is there really any chance for Carolina to reach the playoff? Sure. All that has to take place is:

  • Convincingly beat a team that scored 50 points and rang up 528 yards against you a year ago and against which you’re a 6.5-point underdog. Boom. Immediately jump past No. 9 Florida State, No. 8 Notre Dame and No. 1 Clemson to seventh.
  • Wait for Florida, a 17.5-point underdog and sporting the offensive firepower of the Santa Maria, to beat No. 2 Alabama. Boom. You’re sixth.
  • Wait to see who wins between No. 4 Iowa and No. 5 Michigan State in the Big Ten championship game (just check out the SportsCenter highlights. Big Ten football sucks). Boom. You’re fifth, ahead of the loser.
  • Wait for Southern California, a four-point underdog, to beat No. 7 Stanford in the Pac 10 championship game. Boom. You’re fourth.

See? Easy. Really, there’s almost no chance all of that WON’T happen. Start looking at flights to Miami, Heels fans!

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