Is There A More Criminally Underappreciated Band Than ELO?

You read right: You should get arrested if you don't like Electric Light Orchestra

Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) band logo

It is just us, or does this ELO logo look like a really cool version of that Simon Says game?

Jeff Lynne’s Electric Light Orchestra was one of the most ground-breaking acts in rock music history (not that you’d know it from the website, which looks like it was released around the same time as ELO’s last album). Alone in the Universe, band’s 14th LP, is due out Nov. 14. Rolling Stone does the real reporting here.

You should buy it because of the previous 13. You should buy it because they were synth rock before there was synth rock, and 40 years later we’re still waiting for somebody to do it better.

You should buy it because Big Ern McCracken would want you to.

He’d also want you to play this at your wedding reception. So would every cool person you plan to invite.