Jimmy Fallon Shares Hilarious Story About Playing Prince In Ping-Pong

Jimmy Fallon took at few minutes on the tonight show on April 26th to tell a funny story about playing Prince and ping-pong:

What I love about this story first is that Prince plays ping-pong. It’s funny to think that a superstar artist and rock guitar virtuoso would play ping-pong, but it makes sense I guess – I mean, superstars must be human too, right? The second funny thing is, why did Prince want to play Jimmy Fallon in ping-pong? Did he challenge other people in ping-pong too that we don’t know about? Third, the story highlights Prince’s competitiveness, which reminds me of the famous skit on Chappelle’s Show about Prince taking on Charlie Murphy’s crew in basketball. A lot of people don’t know that Prince was a good basketball player and even played for his high school team despite being famously not tall. In a radio interview, Prince confirmed that the parody, which he apparently also loved, wasn’t that far from the truth:

The fourth funny thing, lost in the rest, is that Susan Sarandon has ping-pong clubs in New York that are frequented by celebrities. What?

The touching payoff is what Questlove says about meeting Prince outside after the match. I just can’t get enough of these anecdotes.