Natty Daddy Is 25 oz. Why? Because It’s One More Than 24

Natty Daddy: Doesn't taste worse on the way back up than it did on the way down

The same people who brought you Busch Signature Copper Lager, a beer no one could possibly want, have done it again. Feast your eyes on Natty Daddy.

Natty Daddy

My wife actually ran across this 8.0% ABV monstrosity in her Instagram feed of all places. What this bit of social media metadata targeting says about my wife is something upon which I’d rather not dwell.

The brew-weasels at AB-InBev bill this sucker as:

Natty Daddy is The Best Beer for your Buck in a Big Can. It’s everything you love about Natural Light, only bigger, and better. With its 8.0% ABV, Natty Daddy is a handful of fun for any occasion.

This, obviously, is a lie. At 8.0%, this is everything you love about Natty Ice, only not better (somehow) and possibly including a handful of Satan’s urine. The “bigger” claim, at least, is true because Natty Daddy checks in a healthy 25 oz. Why? Because real men need that one extra oz.

Out of sheer curiosity, I scrolled through Natty Daddy’s reviews and stumbled upon this treasure:

For a cheap beer it’s pretty darn good! Caution though, you will get a buzz a lot faster. So cut back a little on it unless you really want to get waisted.

Cut back a little? I appreciate the advice, partner, but I’m pretty sure this beer exists for pre-gaming a frat party. Getting wasted is the whole point.

I haven’t tasted Natty Daddy yet, but I have to give it a “Do Not Drink” recommendation for the sheer fact that AB’s marketing department missed an opportunity for tagline gold. It should have been: “Natty Daddy: Doesn’t Taste Worse on the Way Back Up than it did on the Way Down.”