Filipino Diver Picks Wrong Time To Finally Try That Dive, Fails Spectacularly

It's a damn shame he's more famous than any diver actually competing in the summer Olympics

John Elmerson Fabriga scored all zeros after this attempt at the 2015 Southeast Asia Games

Of course the Russian judge would give that a 0.0.

Bill Murray doing a cannonball in Rushmore

THAT’S how you stick the landing.

You will not see John Elmerson Fabriga over the next two weeks competing at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. The diver did, however, represent The Philippines in the 3-meter individual springboard competition at the 2015 Southeast Asia Games, though represent is a strong word, as is competition. And diver. He did not win gold. In fact, he did not score any points. That’s actually really hard to do.

No word on whether Fabriga pounded a bourbon before takeoff, but we bet he wishes he had.