Silversun Pickups Releases Video For ‘Latchkey Kids,’ Their Latest Great Rock Song You’ve Never Heard

How not famous is Silversun Pickups? Ten bucks says you aren't quite sure which one Brian Aubert is. Also, you're now wondering who Brian Aubert is.

How not famous is Silversun Pickups? Ten bucks says you aren’t quite sure which one is Brian Aubert. Also, you’re now wondering who Brian Aubert is.

Now 16 years and five albums in, two conclusions are indisputable: Silversun Pickups no longer qualifies as a new band, and the quartet from Los Angeles isn’t going become rock’s next big thing. The sting of the latter should be lessened by the fact that clearly no rock band will ever again become a big thing, but for old people who can’t let go of the time when power cords and drums ruled the musical world it’s still tough to swallow that a group as talented as this one has barely sold a million records total, or one-sixth the number that Katy Freaking Perry has.

No matter. As you kids are getting off my damn lawn, just understand you’re missing out on some good shit from Brian Aubert (guitar, vocals), Nikki Monninger (bass), Joe Lester (keyboards) and Christopher Guanlao (drums), including “Latchkey Kids,” the latest single off Better Nature to get its own official video. If not the best, “Latchkey Kids” is definitely the most hard-charging song on the record.

“Latchkey Kids” was nestled in the middle of SSPU’s (that’s how all the cool kids say it) June 24 show at The Ritz in Raleigh, N.C., which also featured an acoustic version of “Growing Old Is Getting Old” from their debut LP Carnavasa rare performance of Cannibal,” which was a new song released on 2014’s greatest hits compilation The Singles Collection, and Aubert’s no-punches-pulled takedown of North Carolina’s Republican legislature for its absurd HB2. That’s unfortunately not on this Spotify playlist, but every song in order of performance is.

Listen to Silversun Pickups. You’ll be a better music person.