So the Radiohead Spectre song wasn’t the slow, snoozy one?

Sam Smith actually made Radiohead seem exciting with 'Writing's on the Wall'

“Writing’s on the Wall” is exactly the kind of joy-crushing ballad you’d expect from Sam Smith. What it isn’t is the theme song for a James Bond movie, only it inexplicably is.

More suited to being a narcolepsy-inducing secret weapon created by a bored Q, “Writing’s on the Wall” accomplishes the impressive feat of sucking worse than Spectre. Actually, make that two impressive feats: By comparison, Radiohead positively rocks by comparison.

Nobody knows why Radiohead’s offering, creatively called “Spectre,” wasn’t chosen and Smith’s was, but it’s better. Maybe. At the very least it’s weirder and more interesting and less likely to make you weep in the dark in the basement about your dad while guzzling bourbon.

But don’t take our word for it. Listen to them both, and then marvel at how such a cool trailer can come from such a bad movie.