The Panthers will be getting that respect any day now. Yep, any day …

Sporting News picks Seattle this weekend, and it makes perfect sense

Russell Wilson wants everyone to know he's not hitting that.

Russell Wilson wants everyone to know he’s not hitting that.

It stands to reason Sporting News is picking just one upset in the NFL playoffs this weekend – Seattle over Carolina. That’s because Cam Newton is still a bad influence on children. Maybe. Really, it’s getting kind of impossible to understand why the Panthers can’t get any respect at this point, but they can’t.

The Carolina Panthers are 15-1. They’ve won three consecutive NFC South championships when no other team has managed to even take two in a row in the division’s 14-year history. In Cam Newton, they have the surefire MVP and a talent unlike any football has ever seen. They started the season 14-0, with wins over not one, not two but four playoff teams – including Seattle in Seattle.

But we see the argument: The Seahawks lost by 10 to a Green Bay squad Carolina was drubbing 37-14 before getting bored and winning by eight. Seattle barely escaped a terrible Dallas Cowboys team 13-12 that Carolina bludgeoned 33-14. The Panthers have had two weeks of rest, while the Seahawks are flying across country to play a game that starts at 10:05 a.m. their time less than seven days after being beaten up for three hours in minus-3 degrees in Minneapolis.

Oh, and did we mention Seattle wouldn’t be here at all were it not for a missed field goal? A missed 27-yard field goal?

But Russell Wilson is playing great, and unlike Carolina’s dancing queen he’s a good influence in children because we all know where his penis isn’t.

See the full piece here, and prepare for this to be your last game, Panther fans. Because if history has taught anything, it’s that the Atlanta Falcons will win the South in 2015 and the Dallas Cowboys were a sensible 1-point favorite over Carolina on Thanksgiving Day.