Brady’s missed tackle on Malcolm Jenkins of the Eagles #tacklefail


Here at Blooperman, we sometimes like to bring you the occasional unfortunate incident. Not the kind where people get sick and their families go bankrupt trying to pay medical bills, mind you, but the kind where people get hit by a car but we can all laugh because miraculously he only broke his leg or something.

So imagine how pleased we were to see Tom Brady get a rare chance to make an open-field tackle during yesterday’s Patriots-Eagles game. Those always have the chance to be wonderful, and boy was it.

Eagles DB Malcolm Jenkins found himself one-on-one with Brady near midfield after a goal-line pick, and moments later hundreds of punters nationwide simultaneously thought to themselves, “Christ, I could have done better than that.” But we had a feeling we’d seen something like this before, and guess what? We had! So often, in fact, we were able to create a link dedicated to nothing but Tom Brady trying to make tackles after interceptions.

This one immediately jumps up to #2 on our Top Tom Brady Tackle Fails.