We’re Tripping On All Of Grayson Allen’s Awesome Tripping

Back in February, after Duke’s Grayson Allen swept the leg of two opponents in back-to-back games against Louisville and Florida State just after beating Virginia on a game-winning shot in which he traveled approximately 17 times, we poked fun his fancy feet. But, surely, the junior guard’s tripping days were behind him, right?

Blessedly, no. He’s the gift that keeps on giving, and just in time for Christmas!

This time, Allen went after Elon’s Steven Santa Ana, who is clearly playing under his porn name, and as a delightful holiday bonus he had an epic meltdown on the bench.

After three incidents now, we’ve realized our favorite part of all this isn’t actually the tripping. It’s the way Allen turns his palms up and looks at the person he just made fall down in exaggerated befuddlement, like he’s asking “dude, why did you DO that? What is WRONG with you? And my hands! Keep looking at my hands! Not my feet! My hands! This is very important!”

Of course, people didn’t buy that ridiculous act. Except for Coach K, that is, who did nothing after the first two trips. But nobody fools Mike Krzyzewski three times, and Allen has been suspended until the next tough game, Jan. 10 at Florida State indefinitely. I think we can all agree it’s better for everyone if Allen doesn’t learn his lesson.