When Duke’s Grayson Allen Isn’t Tripping He’s Traveling

Either way, those fancy feet make the Blue Devils' guard is a multi-threat cheater

Duke’s Grayson Allen is often lauded for his European footwork. Thursday night at the end of the Blue Devils’ 80-65 romp over Florida State we got another look at his fancy feet:

Setting aside for a second how bush league it was for Devon Bookert to go for a steal down 15 with three seconds left (and how asinine it was that LaPhonso Ellis “loved the effort … there, not allowing it to run out,”) some might call what Allen did a “trip,” which is closely related to what’s often referred to as a “dirty play.”

Some people thought the same thing about this, against Louisville on Feb. 8:

Allen’s feet are amazing, though, and it’s clear the average fan doesn’t appreciate the rare skills his twinkle toes are bringing to the college game. That’s why he wasn’t even called for a foul against the Seminoles, and the gymnastics floor routine below was a game-winning shot instead of not one but two uncalled travels.

It would be easy to give Allen a bit of a pass for not wanting FSU to get a cheap two after such a cheap play, but the bad blood between him and Xavier Rathan-Mayes, the trippee, began a few seconds earlier with Allen’s own bush-league steal attempt when he dove at Rathan-Mayes. Allen says it’s because he “can’t really shut it off whether it’s 15 seconds into the game or 15 seconds left.” Others are starting to wonder if it’s because Grayson Allen is the next hated white Duke player.

Here’s a hint. Yes. Yes he is.